Topical Bible Study

A Basic Church Leadership Seminar (262K)
Becoming a Great Commission Christian (322K)
Biblical Church Development -Outline (101K)
Biblical Church Development -Text (301K)
Building a Solid Foundation for a Healthy Marriage (317K)
Building Up One Another (128K)
Church Planting Through Disciple Making(927K)
Church Planting (From Conception to Birth)(492K)
Developing Healthy Reproducing Christians (517K)
Developing a Plan of Action for Ministry (54K)
Developing Spiritual Timothys (387K)
Effective Leadership (289K)
Eleven Keys for Effective Cross Cultural Ministry
(Contextualization and Scripture)
Equipping Christians for Biblical Evangelism (662K)
Evangelistic Bible Studies (182K)
Four C’s for Evangelism (177K)
Healing the Wounds to the spirit (336K)
Local Church Leadership Development Institute Manual (598K)
Learning to Walk in the Spirit (682K)
Make Disciples (77K)
Meet our Creator – Gen. 1-12 (71K)
New Life in Christ (407K)
New Life in the Family of Christ (415K)
New Life through the Family of Christ (552K)
Organizational Leadership (299K)
Planting a Group of Churches in an Urban Area (377K)
Planting Healthy Churches that Reproduce (101K)
Planting Healthy Reproducing Churches (510K)
Rooted and Grounded in Christ and His Love (315K)
Sharing the Gospel in our Samaria (188K)
Small Group Leadership Training Manual (374K)
Spiritual Gifts (64K)
The Development of the Early Church (388K)
Understanding your Spiritual Shape (95K)
Working With the Trinity in Evangelism and Follow-up (321K)
You Can Plant a Church in Another Culture or Ethnic Group (466K)
You Can Grow to Spiritual Maturity(378K)