Statement of Faith

A summary of what Serve and Equip holds to:

  • Bible – The Bible is the inspired Word of God that is without (and unable to have) error in the original manuscripts. It is the authority over all life and practice.
  • God – God is the single uncreated Spirit who eternally exists in Three coequal and coeternal Divine Persons: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Father – The Father is the Sovereign King. Everything exists for His glory.
  • Son  – Jesus Christ humbled Himself and became a man to obey the Father and redeem the elect.  
  • Spirit – The Holy Spirit moves in the hearts of man through the Word of God to accomplish the purposes of God.
  • Creation – God created all things, including man and woman in His image, as recorded in Scripture.
  • Fall – Man chose to disobey God, even though He had been nothing but kind to him. This forever placed all mankind in slavery to sin.
  • Condemnation – All men deserve the eternal punishment of God’s wrath, as sin must be punished according to His character.
  • Salvation – By turning from sin to God in repentance and faith, man acknowledges that his payment was laid upon Christ, who is the perfect substitute in life and death. Raised from the dead providing new life. It is by grace alone, through faith alone, and in Christ alone that man is saved from sin and its punishment. Salvation is offered to all men, though true life requires the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart.
  • Sanctification – Christ purchased those who turn to Him and commands Spirit-enabled transformation. The man given new life is to use this life for Christ.
  • Glorification – One day which is postponed only by God’s patience toward sinners, all men will be judged for their deeds. Those who accepted Christ’s payment on their behalf will be counted as righteous because of Christ and will be brought into eternal fellowship with Him. Those who do not turn to Christ will be eternally judged and under the just wrath of God.